Send Anonymous SMS, Send Prank Messages, Surprise Messages without using your Phone Number

Our free e-mailtoSMS service, you can send anonymous messages from your phone browser, without disclosing your phone number.

What we do

Our system is very simple, our target is send SMS or text to any mobile phone number in Continental US

  • Text anyone in America, We will discover the ISP for the person you are trying to text SMS's
  • Text Pranks to friends and family, or some other people you want to have fun with.. gentle and with respect
  • Simplistic way to send Anonymous messages to people
  • Sent the SMS message and forget about it, the other side will receive and won't know where come from
  • Married! and want to send SMS message to that person you want to have an affair with, and you don't want to give away your number.. this service come handy.
  • We respect your privacy, your messages are encrypted so nobody can interset or spy on you!

We are working in automating our system, but for the time being you must know what isp provider from the mobile you are trying to send a SMS to.

  • send SMS to ATT mobile users
  • send SMS to VERIZON mobile users
  • send SMS to T-MOBILE mobile users
  • send SMS to Metro PCS mobile users
  • send SMS to Cricket Wireless mobile users
    • Sprint
    • U.S Cellular
    • Virgin Mobile
    • Alltel
  • send SMS to Republic Wireless mobile users
  • send SMS to Straight Talk mobile users

Be aware that using our system for ilegal use, it's prohibed, we will ban you from using our system
and notified who it may it concern about your ilegal use of our system, regarless what country you are in.

Your Agreement

Using our free SMS text service you are bound to the following conditions

Never Never use our service! for the following:
Racism due to religion and or Color, Country, Ideology etc
Sex related, underage person or persons
Death Treats, messages telling, you would hurt someone or do something against the law
Messaging people with depression, treats to them or their health
Term and conditions will be amended or added without your acknowledge so please read once in a while to see what we are allowing
Any ilegal use based in the laws of United State are prohibited, please be aware that abusing our system is againts out TOS.

Comments or Reports

Send your enquirer or thoughts directly.. please don't hesitate to tell us how are we doing or to report abuse!